Valuable landscaping testimonials we have received from students and clients whom have taken part in various in-house programmes with Landscape Design Consultants International.

Landscaping Testimonials

Three day landscape quoting course - in-house programme - Mauritius

Thank you for all the support and encouragement. I enjoyed the quoting course and we are in fact reviewing our quoting mechanism at present as a result of the course!"

Warren Stegmann

Landscape Maintenance Manager ESP Landscapers Ltd - Mauritius

Three day landscape maintenance and management in-house programme - Mauritius

There is a palpable difference within the general attitude of the staff this morning. Though I did not attend I realised immediately during the little time I did spend in your class that your finger is firmly on the pulse of where our team is at and where they need to go. I think you offered many of them their first glimpse into the industry that they probably did not even know they are a part of. Amazing Course!

Warren Stegmann

Landscape Maintenance Manager ESP Landscapers Ltd - Mauritius

Three day basic landscaping design course - Mauritius

It is the first course I have attended on landscaping. It has opened my eyes and now I see things differently, most important is the style of gardening, will never forget the dads, mums and babies.

I have changed my opinion on garden and feel enriched by my knowledge.

The theoretical aspect, as well as the design approach. I am more confident that I can prepare some landscape design with my house plans.

The design aspects and changing of ideas, communications skills and interaction with tutor and other members.

I have a better look on the subject. My observation aptitude on landscaping and gardening has much improved. I am looking further to improve my knowledge in plant types and combinations.

Two day advanced landscape design course

Just listening to professionals in the field and learning from that.

Interaction with tutors and other members being able to have a good understanding of garden design.

Ek het altyd gesukkel met style & tema, ek het nou n baie beter begryp darran. Baie dankie, ek besef ek het nog oefenning nodig met om uit box te dink!

I feel structured and confident to go out and do good landscape design.

I’m still basking in the stimulation and fun of it all – thank you both!

Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what confidence this course has given me and I am rearing to go. Thank you once again both Johan and yourself are very professional people and I hope that one day my business will be a force to be reckoned with.

Three day landscaping supervisory training programme - Mauritius

To look in more about my weaknesses and take corrective options. To be able to do good planning.

I am now fully confident in going through the implementation of a landscaping plan.

Now I have a knowledge of how a supervisor works in a garden.

Three day basic design & horticulture programme

First off, I loved the course and have been in my garden ever since – a lot of the time just thinking, but also armed with a saw and a pair of clippers. It already looks better and more manageable. Thank you for sharing your experience and inspiring me to get stuck in and not be daunted.

Thank you for a great course. The content was great and it was excellent to be learning from individuals with many years of experience. You both are obviously a wealth of knowledge and three days is only the tip of the iceberg in trying to do justice to learn from such respected people in the profession!

I just want you to know that I really enjoyed the session that we had last week. I can’t remember a time when I enjoyed a course so much! I have always had an interest in the green industry from when I was young…maybe my mum’s love for the garden rubbed off on me. I intend to use the knowledge I acquired to improve my garden in Kenya. I will in due course let you know of any other courses that I am interested in doing. I will also not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and those interested in gardening. I surely hope you have a fruitful year and thank you again for your excellent service.

Three day garden workers in-house training course - Zimbabwe

Presentation of the course was wonderful. I have learnt how to trim and how to plant ground covers.

I enjoyed the presentation of the course and I learnt more about why we need gardens, about planting combinations and so much more. I am now able to do my job well and properly with more respect to my job.

I enjoyed the in-house training programme and Jo-Anne is very friendly. The entire course was very useful and from today I can now transplant trees or shrubs in the proper and recommended measurements. The course was excellent.

I have gone away with some good information including planting combinations and pruning. I have learnt alot through this training and enjoyed participating with my colleagues. Hands up to Jo-Anne our Trainer.

The whole course was an eye opener, planting, transplanting, the whole  concept about gardening and information regarding landscaping. I thank you Jo-Anne Hilliar for all this information.

Three day basic landscape design programme - Zimbabwe

I enjoyed the presentation of the course and most meaningful aspect of the course was learning about the principles of landscaping.

The entire presentation was very, very special – learning, interacting and smiling and it was a pleasure to attend the programme.

The presentation was great and uplifting and the programme as excellent.

I enjoyed the programme like it was my first – 9 out of 10 – from flowers, to design principles and rules the list is endless when it comes to the most meaningful aspects of the course. I loved the Trainer, she had a sense of humour.

The programme was enjoyable; however, the time went by so quickly for me. The most meaningful aspect of the course was the major principles of design.”

The design aspect after choosing a theme was fabulous.

I never had a passion about gardening but I later figured out that it is the best inspiration.”

Presentation of the course was tremendous. Jo-Anne is very professional and highly organized. Realizing that I could actually manage the aspects covered  in the programme through practice.

The design aspect after choosing a theme was fabulous.

I cannot begin to tell you how much my life has changed since attending your course. Your course inspired alot of positive things in me and I feel I need to widen my horizon further.