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The Landscape Design Blog is written by Jo-Anne Hilliar, a professionally trained Landscape Designer with more than 25 years of international experience.

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Running your business in present day economic times

Interrupting our general blogs on the landscaping industry we thought that at this COVID times with business decreasing that we would comment on the activities from a business perspective that we need to be aware of. Some of the most important activities and go to strategies as follows:

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What is landscape design in the context of creating commercial sites?

Landscape design for commercial sites needs to be practical from an aesthetic perspective, pleasing to the eye and the wow factor needs to be well recognised before the commercial aspects of the site become evident.  These are just some of the items that need to be considered as

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Excellence and formal hard landscaping

The Green Industry Nationally and Internationally going forward

Some of the situations to consider as follows as we continue to provide a service in our profession: 1. Deteriorating Governmental and Economic issues we need to consider as follows: 1.1 Where are we with the economies of the world and the consideration for our pricing methodology in

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Negotiating a landscape design contract during Covid 19

Covid 19 has thrown a completely new dimension to the landscape design industry.  Some points to bear in mind are as follows: Gardens do not stop growing – landscapes need to be looked after from a maintenance perspective. Often new design features and aspects are required in terms of

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Covid Protocols – Landscaping Industry

The Landscape Construction industry internationally and in South Africa is back at work but strictly under the governmental protocols set up internationally in every country around the world.  Although our industry, fortunately, is conducted generally externally, we are still subject

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Sustainable Landscaping Programme presented in Mauritius – September 2019

We have run our Sustainable Landscaping Programme in Mauritius for the leading professional landscape contracting and maintenance company in Mauritius and offering the latest in practising sustainable and endemic landscaping methods. Very exciting times ahead in terms of restoration and

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Landscape Maintenance Audits

By Jo-Anne Hilliar, Landscape Design Consultants International (LDCI) Jo-Anne Hilliar of LDCI has been involved in landscape maintenance audits for several years, in South Africa and now mainly in Mauritius. The article below explains her work. A landscape maintenance audit is a

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International Sustainable Landscaping Programme

We have been writing for some time about environmental landscaping and ensuring that our landscapes are self-sustaining.  I have briefly described our sustainable landscaping programme that we have launched internationally and will be running both nationally and internationally.

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Landscaping expertise offered internationally

As our business is already operational in Southern Africa, we are busy researching opportunities to work in other parts of the world and are directly approaching big hotel groups that we believe will have large landscapes to be audited, together with training and consulting input for

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Landscapes coping mechanism in times of stress

Landscapes coping mechanism in times of stress Landscapers in the world are genuinely expected to survive in stressful conditions. Some of the issues that we have to face as contractors /consultants and designers is the lack of attention to ensure that the corresponding Landscape is a

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