We provide landscaping services to accommodate the needs of the industry globally, playing a role in the development of landscapes in an international market.

Landscaping Services

Corporate Landscape Design

Our service and expertise in a corporate retainer capacity is directed to the landscaping industry, environmentalists, property developers and already established corporate and private landscapers.

Corporate Retainer work involves the following:
Example of corporate landscape design
We Have more than
25 Years Experience
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Participants of a Landscape Design School
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Leaders in
Green Industry

Landscape Design School

The Jo-Anne Hilliar Landscape Design School has been successfully running landscape design programmes for many years both nationally and internationally. We are recognized in the Green Industry as leaders in Green Industry training.  

In-House Training - Internationally
In-House Training Programmes:

To see the outcomes for each programme, click on the heading to view a PDF document.

Managing Space

The focus of the green industry is to produce magnificent landscapes.  The landscaping of gardens, restorative areas, environmental rehabilitation  and upliftment of existing space takes into account design and vision originally envisaged, followed by layout and installation.

What follows an installation or existing landscape is the key to establishing a vision for the continued maturation success of the landscape which takes good planning, knowledge to manage efficiently and the commitment to manage effectively.  This centres around a passion to do the job and to walk alongside a developing space which must appreciate in value.

Consulting input will assess:
Example of managing space in landscape design
Managing space is
the make or break
in the landscaping
industry internationally
Landscaping services - mentoring
Landscaping services - On-site mentoring
Landscape on-site design in Mauritius
Landscape on-site design
landscaping training
landscaping planning
Our mentorship work
is personalised and outcome-based

On-Site Mentoring

In the past we have been involved in the mentorship of various landscape design contractors / nurseryman and through our experience this has proven to be a very beneficial and successful association. We share our expertise in the field whilst simultaneously growing and learning from the input you have to offer, thus making our mentorship work personalised and outcome-based.

Our focus includes all aspects of business – from administration, marketing, financial, labour strategies and efficient costing and quoting – vital in managing a successful business. On the consulting side, we asses the direction of your business with you, as well as what you need to achieve in terms of continued growth and opportunities available.

We help  to procure new Empowerment Service Providers, and recognise the need to uplift the Green Industry to ensure a high standard of service. We will assist and guide you through the restructuring and upliftment process of your business, through to the successful completion of all areas to be improved upon. 

Sound administrative and professional back-up direction
On-site design implementation:
Restoration of Garden Assistance and Direction