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Landscape Design Consultants International is owned and managed by Jo-Anne Hilliar, a professionally trained Landscape Designer who qualified with a Garden and Landscape Design Diploma through the University of Natal in 1990. In 2005 the company shifted its operational focus to offer landscape design consulting expertise in managing, overseeing and auditing expansive commercial, industrial and environmental sites in South Africa and internationally. Jo-Anne established the Landscape Design School in 2001. Read more...

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Landscaping expertise offered internationally

As our business is already operational in Southern Africa, we are busy researching opportunities to work in other parts of the world and are directly approaching big hotel groups that we believe will have large landscapes to be audited, together with training and consulting input for their gardening/landscaping teams. Auditing and making sure that the …

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Landscapes coping mechanism in times of stress

Landscapes coping mechanism in times of stress Landscapers in the world are genuinely expected to survive in stressful conditions. Some of the issues that we have to face as contractors /consultants and designers is the lack of attention to ensure that the corresponding Landscape is a good representation of the hard landscaping elements that it …

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ESP Landscapers Ltd Mauritius – Maintenance Audits

ESP Landscapers Ltd Mauritius – Maintenance Audits We are delighted to report that Jo-Anne Hilliar, consultant for Landscape Design Consultants International will be in Mauritius working for ESP Landscapers Ltd conducting maintenance audits on 852 Hectares of landscaping.  The audits are comprehensive incorporating a detailed evaluation and rating report feedback with onsite basic skills training …

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Good maintenance

THE VALUE OF GOOD GARDEN MAINTENANCE Managing space and the interpretation of a good landscape can be debatable in terms of affordability and the perception of what you’re trying to achieve in design and ultimate care and maintenance thereof. A landscape is very dependent on plant-out rate, coverage and sustainable planting that will focus on …

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Benefits of training and skills development – internationally

 Benefits of training and skills development – internationally: The last blog centered around training and skills development and how important it is to develop gardening skills of working in our industry as we are largely reliant on manual labor in order to execute a perfect landscape. This landscaping blog is going to center around the …

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Training and skills development (internationally)

  Training and skills development. (Internationally)   We have the expertise to invest in your company with regards to the development of your labour input. We have worked extensively into Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa in the guidance and up-skilling of labour in ensuring the execution of professional landscapes, from installation to consistent maintenance delivery.   …

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Hardy endemic planting combinations

What is gardening for biodiversity

WHAT IS GARDENING FOR BIODIVERSITY. “Biodiversity” is a current buzzword in gardening circles but what does it mean? Biodiversity is short for biological diversity and refers to the variety of different life forms – plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genes they contain and the ecosystem they form. Biodiversity is usually considered at three different levels …

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