Corporate Consultation

This contract / proposal will dictate an agreement between ourselves and the client as to the necessary amount of time that we would spend on-site on a monthly, bi-monthly or purely on a consulting basis.

Our service and expertise in a corporate retainer capacity is directed to the landscaping industry, environmentalists, property developers and already established corporate and private landscapers.  

Corporate Retainer work involves the following: 

bulletOverseeing the development of installations and directing maintenance teams
bulletProvide assistance with and advice on tender documentation 
bulletScheduling consultations with clients and contractors to achieve standard specifications
bulletNegotiating with all facets of the landscaping industry
bulletEffectively attending to site actualities


bulletOversee installations
bulletAdhere to design environmental policy and standards
bulletAssist, guide and provide a mentoring back-up to the staff on site
bulletFocus on the overall design philosophy
bulletOutline problem areas
bulletEncourage a self-sustainable approach
bulletProvide overall horticultural, hands-on and on-site maintenance and design advice in the maturation process of the landscape
bulletGoal directed in achieving the required standards over a period of time
bulletGuide the development and continued well-being of the designated site
bulletSystematized approach in the turn-around of badly maintained sites
bulletRestoration of ecologically spoiled areas such as industrial and property development sites
bulletIdentify visually problematic areas particularly 
bulletUphold an aesthetically pleasing landscape

On-Site Mentoring

We help  to procure new Empowerment Service Providers, and recognise the need to uplift the Green Industry to ensure a high standard of service. We will assist and guide you through the restructuring and upliftment process of your business, through to the successful completion of all areas to be improved upon. 

In the past we have been involved in the mentorship of various landscape design contractors / nurseryman and through our experience this has proven to be a very beneficial and successful association. We share our expertise in the field whilst simultaneously growing and learning from the input you have to offer, thus making our mentorship work personalised and outcome-based.

Our focus includes all aspects of business - from administration, marketing, financial, labour strategies and efficient costing and quoting - vital in managing a successful business. On the consulting side, we asses the direction of your business with you, as well as what you need to achieve in terms of continued growth and opportunities available.


Sound administrative and professional back-up direction


bulletClear and concise reporting procedures, to provide monthly feedback bulletAll design recommendations for installation personalised to client's needs
bulletStrong accounting administration for financial monitoring   bulletDetailed quotation for plan design and presentation clearly set out 
bulletFriendly and competent administrative staff training bulletFollow up on design plan with client  for any detailed  personalisation
bulletFriendly and competent horticultural and design expertise back-up bulletBuilding a very efficient communications structure
bulletLandscape design installation and implementation service and expertise requirements bulletReport back to management teams
bulletDesign plan proposals, followed by landscape design layout for client (if required) bulletOverview of maintaining slick marketing procedures
bulletInstallation of landscape designs to scale (at client request) bulletCoaching in marketing presentation of company ethics and methodology 
bulletInteraction with mentor's clients in these coaching skills

Landscape Design Installation, Assistance and Coaching


On-site design implementation: Labour:
bulletDesign implementation to follow detailed design proposals  bulletAll labour specifically trained in gardening skills
bulletCosting and days on site to be strictly adhered to bulletAll labour correctly dressed, representing the company
bulletAny extras to be confirmed with the client at the time of installation bulletGood labour policies to ensure working hours are adhered to
bulletStandard and agreed upon payment procedures to be strictly adhered to  bulletLabour relations and rules of contract clearly stipulated with all labour on site
bulletDesigner's time schedule for the design installation carefully monitored bulletAll labour on contract specifically agreed upon, to avoid misunderstandings 
bulletPresentation booklets to clients on design presentation
bulletRegular site meetings with client on design installation

Restoration of Garden Assistance and Direction


bulletThis covers existing spaces requiring turnaround. Overgrown gardens with no design emphasis bulletClear knowledge of all plant material and understanding of plants in the garden and whether they are suitable for restoration purposes
bulletUnderstanding of plant material to be taken out of the space to either be   utilised elsewhere or placed in a nursery situation bulletCorrect utilisation of under-storey planting and propagation of this material for areas requiring coverage at groundcover level
bulletTurn around of garden to suit the architectural features of the building bulletSite preparation installation for poor soil conditions and knowledge of storage of plants while planning of installation takes place in a particular section of the garden

Landscape Design School

The Jo-Anne Hilliar Landscape Design School has been successfully running landscape design programmes for many years both nationally and internationally. We are recognized in the Green Industry as leaders in Green Industry training.  


In-House Training - Internationally 


  • Increasingly our clients are requesting our intensive landscape design / maintenance and management programmes to be run in-house, where we are able to provide personalised training for their staffing component. The value of these courses is in the outcome-based and practical focus. The advantages of running programmes such as these in-house, are numerous.
  • Our In-House Training Programmes have come about as a result of companies finding themselves with staff who are not adequately trained to carry out work on-site in a manner that requires little or no come-back. With this in mind, we partner with the company and structure a training programme to meet their needs.
  • Our school and courses offered are well-known and a high standard of work ethic is taught. Our communication standards are high and our ability as consultants to offer a training service to the Green Industry globally is very successful.  
  • These programmes are practical and outcome-based, ensuring that not only will the staff members' skills be improved, but also act as an overall confidence boost to the individual and the team as a whole. The programme's objective is to increase the quality and standard of work output by the individual and therefore to the company in increased productivity levels. 


In-House Training Programmes: 


bulletThree Day Landscape Installation & Maintenance Management Programme  bulletFour Day Landscape Design Programme 
bulletTwo Day Garden Workers Training Course bulletThree Day Landscape Design Business Practice Programme 
bulletTwo Day Advanced Gardeners Programme bulletTwo Day Green Industry Marketing and Communication Programme (NEW) 
bulletTwo Day Basic Landscape Design Programme

Managing Space

The focus of the green industry is to produce magnificent landscapes.  The landscaping of gardens, restorative areas, environmental rehabilitation  and upliftment of existing space takes into account design and vision originally envisaged, followed by layout and installation.

What follows an installation or existing landscape is the key to establishing a vision for the continued maturation success of the landscape which takes good planning, knowledge to manage efficiently and the commitment to manage effectively.  This centres around a passion to do the job and to walk alongside a developing space which must appreciate in value.

Consulting input will assess:

bulletExisting site maintenance assessment and report
bulletIdentifying mis- management of space assessment and report
bulletPromotion and explanation of self sustaining landscapes.
bulletIntroduction to environmental landscaping procedures
bulletUndertaking a thorough and in depth horticultural and design audit of the site.
bulletIdentification of particularly high visual and problematic areas.
bulletGuidance and leadership of on site staff direction and training in achievieng the end result.
bulletEnsuring that the contractor in question is adhering to the designs environmental policy and SLA’s for creating a self sustaining landscape.
bulletIntroduction and teaching in monitoring the positive improvement of the landscape.
bulletRegular feedback monitoring and site meetings with client to assess progress.
bulletOversee, assist, guide and provide mentoring back up to on- site contractual staff.
bulletRegular horticultural, maintenance and design advice to achieve greater maintenance specifications.
bulletProviding hands on on site educational and horticultural teaching in the upliftment of maintenance specs.






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