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Team leaders on site

Unless you have a competent and enthusiastic team leader running maintenance/installations on site, you can land up producing a job that is inconsistent with the anticipated delivery of a good landscape. IMG 3127P1070853

Please see below some of the most important factors required in good team leadership from a landscaping perspective – bearing in mind 80% of good team leadership is the communication process in motivating staff to get the job done enthusiastically and with a purpose to complete tasks within a specified time period. IMG 3120

These are the specified requirements for good team leadership: –

  • Understanding the main elements that make up a good garden.

  • Understanding excellence in maintenance and installation delivery.

  • Understanding of staff job description includes delivery and training instructions. 

Team leadership workshops and intensive maintenance/ installation management programs are run through our organization, specifically focusing on creating international landscapes working with foreign staff who have to learn the product to be delivered and good organizational skills. P1070855

 We have an extensive three-day hands on workshop, which is run on the basis of practicing the learning techniques in the workshop situation so that these leadership skills can be implemented back on the site.

Please contact us on email address or Cell number +27 82 570 5858. We work extensively in training and auditing of international landscapes. 

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