Running your business in present day economic times

Interrupting our general blogs on the landscaping industry we thought that at this COVID times with business decreasing that we would comment on the activities from a business perspective that we need to be aware of.

Some of the most important activities and go to strategies as follows:

1.      The Government will probably be introducing some sort of solidarity tax which is a wealth tax on the balance sheet personal tax as well and look at dividends distribution.

2.      Capital gains tax i.e., the sin taxes and VAT is set to be increased.

3.      21 million people will be dependent on the state in the incoming times therefor the prospects of a negative income growth are issues to consider in your own business.

4.      South Africa is very dependent on foreign input, and this is definitely on the decline which is a concern.

5.      South Africa is in a debt trap. This is the impact of increased taxes.

6.      South Africa will eventually run out of capital as the state debt in 5 years will be between a  150-180% GDP. This is a great concern.

7.      Technology in your business is very important. Payment’s systems are changing.

8.      Certain industries do well that relate to eating and the pet industry where people are enjoying their pets because they are working from home.

9.      Generally, the SA economy is in deep trouble.

10.    Unfortunately, the ANC government has led to the collapse of the future economics within South Africa.

11.    200 000 Businesses are closing down and therefore 11 million at the moment are unemployed.

Some of the positive issues to consider for your own business:

1.      Identify the risks in your industry.

2.      Manage your risks.

3.      Try things you were are not able to do that will earn salaries in the industry.

4.      Dependant on the industry and the more disguisable it is try to measure your output in terms of doing the work with minimal costs.

5.      Remember that our industry can create more business opportunities. Gardens do not stop growing. Our industry is alive!

6.      Work from home. As we are in a service industry this will cut costs.

7.      Expertise and Monitoring your employees skilled work and output is very important.

8.      Because of the loneliness a lot of responsibility is on you to ensure work is produced.

9.      Online buying is not applicable to our industry as the work is done onsite.

10.    A lot of retail internet is happening so if you can expand into necessary services that could work well.

11.    Our industry benefits hugely at this time because clients also want a professional landscape in terms of their own particular space.

12.    Staff need to become upskilled. More and more so to cut your costs and maybe reduce your staff content.

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