Negotiating a landscape design contract during Covid 19

Covid 19 has thrown a completely new dimension to the landscape design industry.  Some points to bear in mind are as follows:

  1. Gardens do not stop growing – landscapes need to be looked after from a maintenance perspective.
  1. Often new design features and aspects are required in terms of the development of landscapes, during this crisis.
  1. There will always be continuous requests for proposals for the development of areas.
  1. Maintenance dimensions change. Sustainable landscaping is definitely on the cards for the future success of landscapes.

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  1. Design ideas to be considered with regards to the introduction of additional featurisation in order to promote a more dynamic approach to the landscape.
  1. All staff need to be well protected and understand the Covid protocols.
  1. Management too, need to be at all times respectful towards clients’ wearing of masks and sanitisation with social distancing which needs to be applied at all times.
  1. In the communication with clients, at the same time staff need to have an understanding of social distancing with regards to guests at hotels or public sites and to move away so as to allow people to move freely without feeling that there are possible contact issues.

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  1. Covid 19 needs to be dealt with in a positive light. The industry still has to function.  However, budgets are a consideration.
  1. Most landlords have cut rental rates for your clients and therefore there is a pressure for the reduction of budgeting.
  1. Look at the budgeting issues, so as to maybe reduce staff on-site and to work clever, and to bring about the same products and protocols.
  1. Independent auditing of landscapes with professional input needs to be considered and utilised for the future development of the landscapes during these times.
  1. Maintain at all times a good relationship with your clients. Be ahead of the Covid protocols and be a good listener during these stressful times.

Covid 19 is an issue that we have to consider certainly for the next couple of years to come.  We as landscaper designers have to continue to function in such a way that our work is still of a high standard and that our staff are well briefed as to how the work needs to be done.

The continuous service-related aspect of our industry has to be the forefront in the delivery of service.

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