Landscapes coping mechanism in times of stress

Landscapes coping mechanism in times of stress

Landscapers in the world are genuinely expected to survive in stressful conditions. Some of the issues that we have to face as contractors /consultants and designers is the lack of attention to ensure that the corresponding Landscape is a good representation of the hard landscaping elements that it surrounds.

Some of the issues that we have to deal with:

  1. A decreasing budget from our clients from the time of contract acceptance to the final product of hand over of landscape.
  2. Decreasing availability of labour that are willing to produce excellence in the execution of a landscape within a shorter timeframe to accommodate a reducing income .
  3. Soil conditions which are generally of a very low standard and handover to the installation together with the follow-on maintenance of that product becomes an issue long term as nutrients become less available to plant growth.
  4. Selection of plant material from designers through to the contractors is often an issue as the incorrect selection for certain spaces is a problem and can lead to areas of failed landscapes.
  5. Maintenance execution decreases in commitment as the contract possibly comes up for renewal or is in its final phase of handover to the next contractor.
  6. Poor standard of machinery without replacement due to a decreasing budgetary situation can lead to poor delivery and execution of a professional landscape.
  7. Water saving strategies are not practised correctly as the landscapes matures together with nurturing of plant material particularly for the coverage of soil through splits and divides and cuttings.                                                                                  


It is sad that a lot of the points above become issues in executing a landscape correctly. Thus, as contractors we are running the landscape to cope with the stress of many of the issues that arise together with the climatic constraints which are often unpredictable. Poor training of management and supervisory input can result in many of the above issues.

Correct training strategies together with a good commitment to do the job well with clever thought out planning processes in place can be the answer to ensure that we can turn the landscape around in those times of stress.

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