International Sustainable Landscaping Programme

We have been writing for some time about environmental landscaping and ensuring that our landscapes are self-sustaining.  I have briefly described our sustainable landscaping programme that we have launched internationally and will be running both nationally and internationally.

People working in the landscaping industry need to practice sustainable landscaping and this programme will guide management and supervisory staff in their understanding and ensuring that our landscapes become more self-sustaining. Staff landscaping adopt a different methodology in terms of working with plant material and ensuring that everything that we do in a landscape will be self-enhancing and self-sustaining in the long-term.

The purpose of this course is:

1.    To create an awareness of the struggle between nature and man for space on the planet.

2.    To provide practical information on how to make a difference, even a small one, in your gardens and communities.

3.    To plant indigenous vegetation and to encourage wildlife.

4.    Your garden can contribute to the restoration of the natural ecology in your area.

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•   The process of Biodiversity and Sustainable landscaping.
   The value of preserving biodiversity/sustainability
   Causes of biodiversity/sustainability loss.
CASE STUDY on learning and discussion.
•   Biological Aspects of the Environment and problem plants. (For Country of Origin).
•   Sustainability and ecosystems.
CASE STUDY AND HOME WORK on learning and discussion.
Appendices discussion.

    Impact of AIPs on the Environment and their control. (For Country of Origin).
    Detrimental effects of AIPs on the environment.
CASE STUDY on learning and discussion.
    Indigenous Gardens and Insect Populations
CASE STUDY AND HOME WORK on learning and discussion.
Appendices discussion.

    Working with the soil
    Waterwise gardening
CASE STUDY on learning and discussion.
    Garden Design for Sustainable landscaping.
    Designing a bio-diverse garden.

   Describe the process of biodiversity/sustainability and how you will apply the principles and knowledge learnt on this course into your garden.
Appendices discussion.

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Detailed evaluation on learning outcomes to ensure a change in practising environmental landscaping and an understanding of those processes.
On enquiry we will gladly e-mail the detailed course outline.

Contact Landscape Design Consultants International on e-mail at   Website details are

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