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Managing space and the interpretation of a good landscape can be debatable in terms of affordability and the perception of what you’re trying to achieve in design and ultimate care and maintenance thereof.IMG 3168

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A landscape is very dependent on plant-out rate, coverage and sustainable planting that will focus on creating an all year round effect.

From a maintenance perspective we always consider the following aspects which are important in maintaining a good garden:

  1. 1. Soil condition -It is important that soil is carefully looked at in terms of creating a good mulch for root penetration and that the nutrient value is acceptable and appropriate for the coverage of plant material/grassing to be selected.

 2. Plant material selection -This is fundamental whether it be from grass coverage through to ground cover and follow on shrub, tree and ground cover selection is vitally important. Knowledge of your plants and combinations thereof are, again, an essential aspect in the collaboration of these plants in the landscape.

 3. The physical and appropriate combination of plants – in the planting process and the combination of these plants in terms of consideration to climatic constraints is of vital importance




4. Good staff understanding- of how to care for that garden and all the aspects that will contribute to a high rating in ensuring a good landscape are as follows:

  • Clear direction and skills training with regards to the job of being a gardener which includes the following direction:

4.1) Implement machinery operation understanding and use and care thereof

4.2) Knowledge of what needs to be applied for the job to be done on a particular given day

4.3) Setting tasks correctly and ensuring that there is good direction in terms of the work to be undertaken and that clear deadlines are set for the day which are achievable

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4.4) Rating of the site to be done so that the important part of the job is done first followed by the less important issues

4.5) Zero tolerance for weed invasion and correct removal.

4.6) Utilization of splits and divides (cuttings) to fill blank/open spaces

4.7) Correct pruning practices in conjunction with climatic constraints (i.e. when this work should be done)

4.8) Assessment of correct plant positioning and plant design influences into the site


Excellence in skills training and all topics related to good garden maintenance are our specialties.

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