ESP Landscapers Ltd Mauritius – Maintenance Audits

ESP Landscapers Ltd Mauritius – Maintenance Audits

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We are delighted to report that Jo-Anne Hilliar, consultant for Landscape Design Consultants International will be in Mauritius working for ESP Landscapers Ltd conducting maintenance audits on 852 Hectares of landscaping.

MRU class pic The audits are comprehensive incorporating a detailed evaluation and rating report feedback with onsite basic skills training input as the audits are taking   place.

MRU path In addition, as the audits will incorporate onsite basic gardening skills training and will reflect on   gardening skills development for the gardeners onsite in the landscape.

MRU grass As the audits are progressing the onsite work ethic   that needs to be improved on will be demonstrated if a particular skill is not being performed correctly.

The audit in itself will be comprehensive and the onsite supervisor/manager in overseeing the site will also be briefed in providing the correct onsite management skills that are taught as the audit is being conducted.

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 Audits are important in all landscape overseeing in terms of assessing the overall rating of a site, however, the overall objective is to provide the correct onsite training for staff in the ongoing audit assessment.

 ESP Landscapers Ltd currently manages a wide portfolio of landscape maintenance sites which have different quality standards as most maintenance sites in the world have these issues.

This could be due to a number of reasons ranging from; low budget, poor site conditions, poor supervision or poor gardener skills.

Why don’t you as a landscaping corporate set up a percentage bench mark in terms of achieving high maintenance standards throughout your sites and progressively bring your sites to the same standard in order to be a reference in the industry?MRU sprayerThis will please your clients and in the end consulting and training input adds huge value  and payback in achieving the improvements that are required.  

MRU dam Excellence in skills training/consulting and all topics related to good garden maintenance are our specialties.

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