The difference between a garden and a landscape

For many years I have been asked the difference between a garden and a landscape.  My interpretations of each are as follows.

1. Gardening

Creating gardens is generally about a personalised space that either needs upliftment, restoration or design of a new private garden / private spaces.  In the process of gardening as contractors, knowledge of the job from the inception to detail management of the installation, the job that has to be executed is similar to creating large flowing landscapes. 

Gardens being created for private individuals are personalised to their particular design perceptions and work as an extension to the home, creating the outdoor rooms as complements. 

Gardens and landscapes can intercede where some repetitive planting landscapes extend into appropriate garden rooms.

2. Landscapes

When we refer to a landscape, generally its of a commercial, industrial or residential estate landscape.  These landscapes are generally of huge proportion and again designed to complement the architectural characteristics of the hard landscaping,  The uniqueness of the design plan needs to be appropriately designed to create a landscape which will have a strong sustainable approach using endemic choices to handle all climatic constraints.

Landscapes generally commercial / industrial / residential and hotel estates which are hotly contested for the installation process and ultimate maintenance continuation is just as important as the installation of the project.

Follow up on large landscapes are important as it matures necessitating that the landscape has been sold off well to the client in the ultimate management of the new landscape and staff understanding to rollout the planned site expectations.

In both instances, both gardening and landscapes offer similar outcomes, however the explanations are in my opinion stated above.  Some photographic examples are in this blog showcasing personalised gardens together with the vastness of commercial / industrial / residential estate landscapes.

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