De-briefing Maintenance Audits

De-briefing: Maintenance Audits

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Maintenance Audits evaluations following on an extensive visit to our client ESP landscapers in Mauritius just recently.

We have very positive feedback on all the 35 audits that were done, run by the ESP maintenance teams.20180505 blog 9

ESP are the largest contractors in Mauritius offering excellence in expertise and ongoing maintenance in the production of an efficient landscape.

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Our feedback discussions included :

  1. Ground Cover coverage

  2. Pruning activities /trees/shrubs/G-cover

  3. Cleanliness of site/leaf coverage etc

  4. Soil condition

  5. Filling gaps

  6. Irrigation/water coverage

  7. Weeds removal

  8. Pest/disease infestation

  9. Overgrown sites

  10. Identification and removal of invasive weeds20180504 blog 9 2

  11. Compost application

  12. Fertilizer application

  13. Deadheading activities

  14. Grass cutting activities

  15. Edging

  16. Overall staff understanding

  17. Management of site interaction

  18. Condition of storeroom /tools

  19. Growing Nursery on site

  20. General feedback on rating of sites from JH20180502 blog 9

  21. General overall maintenance of sites impression JH

Which was the subject of auditing by Jo-Anne Hilliar representing Landscape Design Consultants International.

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Positive percentage ratings and feedback to the client together with the management team were very well received and Landscape Design Consultants International look forward to the next round of audits in evaluating the sites run by ESP Landscapers in Mauritius.

Very well done and we look forward to further interaction.

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