Benefits of training and skills development – internationally

 Benefits of training and skills development – internationally:
The last blog centered around training and skills development and how important it is to develop gardening skills of working in our industry as we are largely reliant on manual labor in order to execute a perfect landscape.
This landscaping blog is going to center around the following: –
⦁ Guidance in sound administrative and professional backup 
⦁ Landscape design installation assistance
⦁ On-site design implementation guidance
⦁ Labor /staff content assessment of skills and guidance
⦁ Restoration of gardens guidance and the way forward.
Our work involves in all of the above activities including consultative activities: –
1. Overseeing the development of installations and directing teams in the overall development and nurturing of the site
2. Scheduling consultations with clients and contractors to achieve standard specifications.
3. Effectively attending to site actualities.
4. Providing assistance with and advice on tender documentation.
5. Negotiating with all facets of the landscaping industry.
We have included below many photographic examples to illustrate the above activities: –
1. Design understanding and practical
2. Landscape design presentation and guidance on plant usage. 
3. Presentation on use of planting combinations in developing a site.
4. Detailed presentation of a detailed landscape design and training of students.
5. Preparation of landscape designs utilizing live planting combinations in a training situation.
6. Assessment of landscape design from students in presentation of their work. 
7. Explaining the advantages of correct hole sizes
8. Digging of correct hole size for shrub and tree planting
9. Planting process for shrubs.
10. Demonstration of hole digging.
11. Exact measurement of plan installation onto site.
12. Demonstration of planting procedures as a standard way of doing the implementation.
13. The planting processes.
Check out our website on and view services offered. The above examples are good indications of the work that we undertake in order to ensure skill transferal back onto the site in design and installation of a new site.
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