Sustainable Landscaping Programme presented in Mauritius – September 2019

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We have run our Sustainable Landscaping Programme in Mauritius for the leading professional landscape contracting and maintenance company in Mauritius, and offering the latest in practising sustainable and endemic landscaping methods. Very exciting times ahead in terms of restoration and rehabilitation, utilising many of the endemics and indigenous plant material found naturally within their environment.

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Evaluation feedback received from management directing high profile sites:

“The more time we spent in the course, the more beneficial it is for us, as a result it will be advantageous for us as landscapers.”
“Bringing back our species wildlife; environmental concerns; biodiversity and also sustainable gardening techniques.”
“It was excellent”
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“I have appreciated the course; we have learnt many things to upgrade the maintenance of the landscapes we manage.”
“Timing well balanced. Good interaction with the trainer.”
“Sustainability – a big word which has to be communicated to everyone on site and our clients.”
“The endemic plants and the new way to organise our landscapes.”
“Very well-structured course.”
 “Learning about new biodiversity trends in landscaping.”

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“Due to lack of water on site, going for sustainable landscaping.”
“Disease eradication and companion planting.”

“What sustainable landscaping is – very important.”
“Clear understanding of how a sustainable landscape works and also how to create this landscape for biodiversity.”
“We can see the passion you have and you have shared your knowledge and passion with us. Thank you! Now we have a package/a new idea to share with our clients.”

“Content of presentation good. However, the time allocated should have been extended for another day.”
“To be able to create a more sustainable landscape maintenance routine. Helping both the gardener and environment.”

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