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Landscape training is now more important than ever

Landscape training has been an ongoing urgency for many years for efficient skills developmental training particularly at the gardening interface and higher up the line team leaders / supervisors for skills upliftment in the industry.

The evidence of poor installation with often a nil understanding of the work to be executed now more than ever is very evident in the layout of landscapes and management thereof.

It is very concerning to me as a consultant overseeing and auditing the product out there.  Assessing presentation of excellence in the management of sites going forward and the complete neglect for detail is becoming more and more a problem in accepting substandard work.

As a contractor its your responsibility to train your staff

Contractors need to organize for landscape training of their staff urgently with a focus on meaningful applicational to develop job skills, including retraining and follow up work for consistency.

This applies at all levels in the industry with particular emphasis at the installation and maintenance phase for ensuring a consistency in the management of space.

Training budgets seem to be falling away quite dramatically with little or no effort from the contracting companies to accept creating efficient training opportunities, especially for new staff who are brought in and expected to undertake site work.

Competence is a prerequisite, not a luxury

Not only are we looking at the level of installation and maintenance standards, but team leadership / supervisory input / management direction is also very poorly executed.  Overseeing of staff seems to be lacking by the management team in knowledge of the process and assessing and fixing tasks at hand.  As I audit large commercial sites in South Africa and externally it is very evident that poor standards of maintenance and delivery thereof are now the norm in managing space.

Your clients cannot accept poor management and staff untrained.  To get the right serious skills application of space management is important or face the possibility of site removal on the contract.

Leave it in our capable hands

Landscape Design Consultants International specialise in overseeing contracting sites and work on assisting the client and contracting companies to embark on serious staff development and landscape training to ensure a positive turnaround of more qualified personnel to do the job efficiently.

Please pay attention to this issue.  It is vitally important to acknowledge poor delivery as clients are now becoming very aware of the contractors performing poorly.

A big turnaround in this area is necessary so that staff present and new are given the opportunity to be taught correctly how to apply the knowledge that they have learnt back into the work situation with understandable skills transferal.

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